Introduction of PolyBeta Finance
A next generation decentralized stable-yield aggregating farm on Polygon.

PolyBeta Introduction:

PolyBETA Finance is the 2nd layer (L2) of PolyAlpha Finance and 3rd layer (L3) of PolygonFarm's community-led stable-yield farming protocol established exclusively on the Polygon ecosystem.
PolyBETA Finance: Community-first yield farming platform on Polygon
For layer 3, in order to further maximize the earning potential for our community members, a newly developed set of unique and creative strategies.
We will also introduce a variety of features into layer 2, including but not limited to new systems for lotteries, parallel farming for Layer 1 SPADE and more novel features that will be timely announced to protect from intellectual theft. Also, we can't forget about our community favorites of auto-compounding vaults (single-stake & LP), multiple dividend pools, and new partnerships.

Main Features (TL;DR):

  • Limited Token Supply
  • High Security
  • Parallel Farming (stake ALPHA on both 1st and 3rd layer farm)
  • Lottery System
  • Loyalty Rewards System
  • Stable APRs for Farms & Staking Pools
  • LP Farms
  • Staking Pools
  • Auto BETA Vault
  • Auto compounding Vaults for LP
  • Dividend Pools
  • Games

Main Features (detailed overview):

Limited Token Supply:

  • The BETA token has a fixed maximum supply of only 15,600 units.

High Security:

At PolyBeta Finance, the security of our investors' funds is of upmost priority. We believe it is a dev team's responsibility to perform all due-diligence, remain vigilant & proactive, and not cut any corners on security. Thus we will be undergoing full audits by two of the industry leading blockchain security auditor Paladin. Furthermore, the admin will again complete the KYC certification process with the RugDoc Team.
Also, We Locked the initial LP(Liquidity) token with Rugdoc.

Parallel Farming (NEW):

PolyBeta will emit emissions concurrently with PolygonFarm. This approach is known as parallel farming. There are known challenges to maintaining relevance of L1 tokens while focusing attention on generating sustainable demand for the 3rd layer's native token. In addition to allowing fee-free SPADE,ALPHA staking on PolyBeta. Also We will add a Farm for ALPHA on our Layer 1 Farm " PolygonFarm Finance"
So ALPHA will have farm on both PolygonFarm and PolyBeta Farm

Lottery System (NEW):

By popular demand, we will be introducing a pot lottery system on PolyBETA. This type of lottery has quickly become a crowd favorite as there is no additional risk being introduced and all participants receive their entire deposits back! The winner will receive the rewards earned from the entire pot in addition.

Loyalty Rewards System (NEW):

Are you tired of constantly engaging in selfless actions that actually benefit the sustainability of a farm only to have that show of loyalty discounted, unappreciated, or even go unnoticed? We genuinely believe these are the types of investors that are crucial to a farm's success and should be rewarded for their selfless acts. To do so, we have set up a loyalty rewards system that will perform random draws to select participants that qualify based on our criteria.

Stable APRs for Farms & Staking Pools:

Contrasting other yield farming platforms where the APRs drop quickly and rapidly, PolyBeta strives to stabilize our offered APRs for the long term by developing & implementing a variety of new techniques with unique parameters in all of our farm pools and single-staking pools. The goal is to establish APR/APY rigidity at higher rates for longer durations of time to help assist our community members maximize their earnings.

LP Farms:

PolyBETA community members will be able to stake BETA-paired LP tokens in our yield optimized farm pools to collected earnings in BETA token(s). Farm pools will consist of:
  1. 1.
    BETA-MATIC LP (Multiplier: X)
  2. 2.
    BETA-USDC LP (Multiplier: X)
  3. 3.
    BETA- USDC (Multiplier: X)
  4. 4.
    ALPHA-USDC (Multiplier: X)
  5. 5.

Staking Pools:

Alternatively, PolyBeta community members can stake farm tokens from partners, well-established blue-chip cryptocurrencies, and/or stable coins in our yield optimized single-stake pools. Single-staking pools are a popular & relatively safe way to invest in the DeFi as this method does not expose investors to the risks involving impermanent loss.

Auto-BETA Vault:

In this auto-BETA vault users will be able to stake BETA tokens which will be compounded many times everyday to generate higher Yiels/APRs.

Auto-Farm Vaults:

PolyBETAs Auto-Farm Vaults will auto-compound your choice of either individual BETA tokens and/or BETA LP tokens. The goal is to provide our investors the flexibility to enjoy the activities in their everyday lives without the dark burden of manually compounding constantly hovering around.

Dividend Pools:

PolyBeta will also be offering dividend pools in which community members can stake their BETA tokens to earn their favorite non-native tokens, popular cryptocurrencies, and stable coins!
There will be 3 types of dividend pools-
1) Dividend pool with no fee (Low APRs)
2) Dividend pool with withdrawal fee (Medium APRs)
3) Dividend pool with BETA withdrawal lockup for a specific period of time (High APRs)


For games, we will partner up with a well known project and they will developing games for PolyBeta Finance.
BETA will be the main utility token of the games
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